During the first day of Bauma Munich 2019 the V5009 finally received its award

The first day of Bauma has passed and between the army of people that stormed through the gates since the first very moment and all the stands and news that were ready inside to greet them, one name emerged as the protagonist of the morning: V5009.


The proclamation of the doty 2019 winner started at 11:00 am at Kubota’s stand 239 in Hall A4. Kazunari Shimokawa, Managing Executive Officer Kubota Corporation and president of Kubota Holdings Europe, started by greeting all the people attending the event, between which there were also the other exhibitors observing from all around Kubota’s booth clearly unable to ignore the aggregation of curious people around the winner of the Diesel of the Year. This is the first time that a Japanese winner has been recognised in the history of the prestigious prize.

Kazunari Shimokawa and Fabio Butturi

The prizegiving started with an intervention of Fabio Butturi, Diesel and Diesel International Editor, that introduced the winner by saying: «The ability to approach the right recirculation rate of the EGR and the engineering capability in complying with IIIB and Tier 4 respecting the engines dimensions and the OEMs needs were been trump cards for every diesel of the year until the 2016 edition. Then the jury evaluation criteria also were step-by-step adapted to the requirements of Stage V».

«Kubota’s strategy of improving DPF and after-treatment system and combustion parameters proved to be rewarding. This is one of the reasons why we chose the V5009. The 5-litre displacement will become strategic in both agricultural and construction diesel engines and could become the ‘right-sized’ ICE of a hybrid package of heavy-duty machines, such as maxi excavators. The V5009 is a genuine industrial engine, with a good balance between reliability and performances, power density and an excellent ratio between weight, volume and specific curves».

After that, Kazunari Shimokawa intervened to give the audience a complete overview about the engine and also about all the work done by Kubota behind the V5009 that allowed the Japanese manufacturer to receive this important award. The full spech will be available in a further dedicated post on Diesel International.

The winner is ready to attract Bauma’s attention

In the meanwhile, the V5009 was already posing to receive all the attention of the photographers during the prizegiving and also quite the attention from people attending the Bauma also after the event. The winner will remain in plain view during all Bauma until 14th april.

v5009 first day at bauma


We already largely spoke about the V5009 here on Diesel International, but it is always beautiful to rember some of the peculiarities of the Doty 2019 winner.

DOTY 2019 WINNER: V5009

The V5009 large displacement engine range was developed in response to new, more stringent emissions standards in the United States, the EU and Asia. All industrial machinery manufacturers are now required to build their machines with emission certified engines, or to adopt after-treatment devices in regard to the required emission level. Kubota has taken measures to comply with the various requirements from those manufacturers, with the aim to become one of the first choices under 100 hp (74 kW). The V5009 marks its entry into the 200 hp (147 kW) class.

We are talking about a 5-liter engine that raised the bar of the traditional Japanese segmentation. In this way the Japanese are likely to cover applications that were out of reach before. From 10 to 157 kW there is space to meet the requirements of material handling, specialized and farm tractors, multi-purpose, drilling, low and medium power excavators.



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