Raywin Bimotor and the Genoa Boat Show. Bimotor exhibited at Genoa Boat Show, who dared to challenge the unknowns and restrictions of Covid-19. And guess who was the special guest at the Bimotor stand? The 4 cylinder Diesel engines, 2.45 liters displacement, by Raywin. We had a catch-up with the Vice President, Rajesh Sadhu. You’ll read the complete interview on Diesel International January 2021.

Raywin bimotor

Raywin and Bimotor: Rajesh Sadhu

For the very first time, Raywin takes part in an exhibition like this in Europe. This is one of the biggest marine show and one of the first shows in 2020. Our aim was to put on display our very compact 4-cylinder marine engine. What you see here is part of a family of 3- and 4-cylinder engines which comes in 1.1 liter and goes to 2.5 liters. We plan to launch the 3-cylinder very shortly. The propulsion unit has almost the same capacity. The 3-cylinder will also be again the same auxiliary and propulsion and incidently that engine will be here with one of our distributors.

Raywin bimotor
Rajesh Sadhu, Raywin Vice-President

Is it conceived for PG application?

Yes. The engine you see here is basically and auxiliary unit, so it is conceived for generating electricity onto the vessel. A similar engine can be used for propulsion. This engine will give you a maximum power of 48 kilowatts at 2700 rpm. Here we have one of the twins of the same engine family. The same engine is used for auxiliary as well as propulsion purpose. As for the auxiliary version, the engine runs at fixed speed, which is 1500 rpm, whereas in the case of propulsion it can have a variable speed. This engine is RCD-approved for propulsion purpose and has passed the very strict approval path for the EU market.

The target of this application

Luxury boats, small fishing boats, mid-sized small segment of boats used for manifold applications. It is suitable for both pleasure and commercial applications. For the latter, we have started the process to have the approval from some European registers. This will allow us to open the portfolio to all the marine applications. It’s very important for us to have all the processes and certifications in place. The marine segment is indeed very large and we prefer to make everything step by step. This engine block is also suitable for stationary applications in power generation or agricultural machines or even water pump applications.


AS Labruna at METS 2023

AS Labruna is at home at the RAI of Amsterdam, the 2023 edition of METS is the 10th successive attendance

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