Service Portal: Deutz spare parts just a click away

Service Portal: the main aim is to optimize the supply of spare parts and the implementation of assistance services. Precisely for this reason Deutz has decided to create a new dedicated portal. The new frontier is the web. In fact, from mid-April 2019 the Deutz Service Portal is online, a portal that has the strategic objective of attracting the interest of as many potential customers as possible. The portal offers access to the spare parts catalog through the engine serial number, the component identification code or directly through the name.

The aim of simplifying the spare parts catalog is to make the life of the end customer easier. The engine subgroups can also be identified from images to facilitate their recognition. The availability of materials is updated daily, just after midnight. Delivery of the order is guaranteed within 24 hours. We were guided in the exploration of the portal by Roberto Brivio, CEO of Deutz Italy, and Paolo Lusso, Deutz Spare parts sales director. Below you can find the highlights of what they have shared with us.


Why did you call it a service portal?

This portal is not a traditional webshop. This platform generates a request through the customer’s email that arrives directly to the back office to be processed. We are talking about a B2B system, not B2C. Based on the request coming from the portal, we create customized accounts according to the type of customer. This is a strategic service for customers who manage a variety of Deutz motorized machines, such as fleet or renters. The difference lies in the possibility of registering all the engine data online.

deutz service portal

Could this system allow you to store the data of each machine?

At the moment it is not possible, because there is no exchange of information between the control unit and the database. It is expected that for each serial number all the operations relating to the engine will be recorded.

The other level of digitization?

The first approach we have described is of a commercial nature. The next two levels are a simpler one and a more advanced one. The first is the Connect App, which operates via a dongle, via bluetooth. By placing it on the connection socket of the engine control unit, a connection can be made to the engine directly through the mobile phone. To download data and access Deutz services at the same time. This system avoids integrated diagnostic systems. A system made especially for renters.

And the second level, beyond the Connect App?

It will be available from the end of 2020 and it is called Advanced Service. It is a software that contains all the information of an engine regarding the service. It is sufficient to frame the engine, or the serial number, or a detail with a mobile phone and the software is able to recognize the engine. By entering the serial number you can access the spare parts documentation, the repair and management manuals, the engine history and also the maintenance program. The operations carried out are recorded and sent to the central archive.

The first engines included in these services are the Tcd 2.2, the Tcd 2.9 and the Tcd 3.6, designed on Cad and transferred to digital media. For each engine there are 500,000 pages of service documentation. The registration phase of the engine serial number represents a source of data on the population of engines in operation on the territory.


Is it possible to evaluate compliance with the correct maintenance procedures?

Usually the applications are equipped with a system independent of the machine check-up. To arrive at a complete data exchange, an agreement is needed with the OEMs for a functional communication system. This is a commercial obstacle, since the manufacturer usually prefers to have exclusive control over the machine. One of the challenges of the coming years is precisely the integration opportunities in a single software in favor of the machine.

What will be the next step?

The next step will be the evolution of the Connect App in a Connect App2, in favor of predictive maintenance. Through the number of start-ups, the hours of operation, the load, calculated with a logarithm, which can also go to change the warranty terms. This step will probably be ready in 2020.

Input from Germany?

Nothing special, although it must be emphasized that all sales via service portal are subject to a standard payment of 30 or 60 days, for reasons of system management uniformity, which will soon be in operation worldwide.

Is the webshop available only in Europe?

All currencies are available and it is active in Europe, America, Australia and Singapore. The goal is to cover the world market in a reasonable time. It is a personalized service for countries, languages and content, with specific management matrices.


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