Deutz webshop enhancement. The Deutz Service Portal has been available online since April 2019. When fully operational it will be organized in three levels: Webshop, Connect App and Advanced Service. How is the platform being updated and what is the feedback from users? We could anticipate this in a claim: the webshop becomes B2B. But that’s not all. We asked Deutz.

Deutz webshop enhancement


Deutz webshop enhancement. What does it mean?

How is the Webshop evolving?

At the request of the European subsidiaries, in particular following requests from Northern European countries, such as the Netherlands, Deutz has accelerated the implementation of the webshop, originally scheduled for the end of June. A further upgrade of the system was planned, initially conceived as a platform dedicated to end users. The evolution consists precisely in the compatibility of B2B exchange with that ‘slice’ of the established customer base.

In practice, what changes?

Deutz allows subsidiaries to display the coding of spare parts, thus making this tool extremely usable for routine business management. This approach is only available to reliable customers. We will be able to extend the use of the platform to our entire network, making it possible to unify the information available, those relating to the spare parts code to be found and those on the availability of the required code. Deutz gives the customer access to a technical library on the maintenance of the Deutz engine in its possession. The sense of the evolution of the system is in these terms: it was born as a B2C approach, which allowed the partner to enter the engine serial number and submit a request for the component he needed. Deutz is transforming it into a B2B platform, which allows it to benefit from the visibility of the Deutz code.

Virtual reality?

What about Advanced Service?

Advanced service is a much more technical platform that is still under development. The final stage will be the arrival of a global platform that will include all of them. It is a sort of virtual reality that allows the operator to receive information on the video framing the engine in the workshop, to view in real time the dismantling and intervention procedures directly on the screen of the mobile device (mobile phone or tablet). Basically it is an app that can be downloaded on the device, with certain access keys according to the type of customer and the class of competence.

What feedback have you received from users so far?

On the webshop we have registered a very high demand for membership, especially from end users. The service centers have been activated to receive information regarding the availability of spare parts. Once we have completed the further development on site, this tool will allow us to integrate our digital capability. What has so far been the result of three different platforms will finally be integrated into the webshop. From the point of view of the control and dispersion of commercial channels, the platform has registered an absolute guarantee of loyalty.



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