Here we are, at Kohler DemoDays 2024, where a dragnet of journalists, including us from POWERTRAIN International, reviewed some applications powered by KSD and KDI engines.


An exam passed with flying colors, when it is still fresh, indeed very fresh, the official announcement of the handover to Platinum Equity by Kohler, which still holds 25% of the company shares.

At Kohler ‘s DemoDays, we heard the voice of KSD

This entry is that of Abhiroop Garg, KSD product manager, Indian roots and background (with a training upgrade in the UK), for years in Reggio Emilia, as evidenced by his fluent Italian. How does the Diesel of the year 2022 fare? In production since May 2023, it has been manufctured in over 10 thousand units and is available in over 50 versions. The engine’s design philosophy is the search for the best compromise between TCO and performance, while pushing the torque curve and setting peak power just at 1,800 rpm, to attract the attention of OEMs, including through minimizing downtime in service intervals. This is planned to be 500 hours, extendable to 1,000. And just at 1,000 hours a savings in maintenance of 240 euros has been calculated, rising to 509 by doubling the duty cycle (2,000 hours). Among the KSD followers is a first, signed by JCB. It is the 25 Z-1 mini-excavator, in production since the end of last June, which claims consumption reduction to the extent of 5 percent. MultiOne chose the odd 1.4-liter naturally aspirated for a 6.3 IDS in order to ensure stability of attachments and not stress the machine. As in, a super-compact engine for an ultra-compact machine. Instead, the turbocharged version, the KSD1403TC, appears for MDB‘s radio-controlled transporters, being tested on very steep Andean inclines and altitudes (it was spotted inside Chilean quarries). Caron also chose the little guy from Aurangabad (the manufacturing plant is in India) for the C50 transporter. With a total weight of up to 5000 kg and payload capacities of up to 3200 kg, this machine ensures productivity and adaptability in diverse environments and applications.

Kohler DemoDays

What about the KDI Series?

They are there, too, of course, and they are showing off in the outdoor testing area in Reggio Emilia, just a few dozen meters away from the production lines. Also Diesel of the year awardees (the 2.5-liter in 2012, the 3.4-liter three years later), they have found their way among gensets, tractors, wheel loaders, forklifts and excavators. Flexibility in oil pan adaptation has increased the attractiveness for offroad machines. These included JCB and Merlo’s 30.7 telescopic handlers and Wacker Neuson’s mini wheel loaders. Merlo was present at Kohler’s DemoDays 2024. The portrait they drew was flattering. Appreciation is for the compactness, a precondition for the P30.7, a telescopic handler just two meters wide. Words of praise also for ease of maintenance and readiness for rental, where no one can afford headaches. On the P27.6 lift, they have adopted KDI on both earthmoving and agricultural applications.


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