Sima Innovation Awards 2019

Sima Innovation Awards is without a doubt a detector of the main trends in the development of agricultural machinery, user concerns and responses of the manufacturers and the different solution providers. Digital applications will dominate the scene in the upcoming 2019 edition which will take place in Paris, February 24-28. Another upcoming trend is related to user safety requirements. Finally, the quality requirements of work and machine performance are the third important line of innovation, driven by the growing complexity of crop operations, as well as the diversification of production.


Sima Innovation Awards 2019

Sima Innovation Awards 2019: two gold medals

Let’s start from Claas with the Jaguar 960 Terra Trac. The innovative Terra Trac drive concept includes different features. Friction-locked drive: instead of an interrupted transmission of the drive force being provided by separate teeth, a continuous frictional drive connection is provided across the entire track. Large land wheels: to prevent rapid sinking into the ground and enable an easier exit from the path formed by the machine in extreme conditions. Hydropneumatic suspension: the smart suspension system provides a high level of driving comfort while keeping the loads on the machine down. Land wheels and support rollers are suspended separately. This allows ground speeds of up to 40 km/h and noticeably enhanced cornering stability. Automatic track tensioning: the strong track is tensioned by an additional hydraulic ram which prevents slippage. The tension is monitored electronically at all times. If the track tension pressure drops, the machine operator is warned.

The second gold medal is for Laforge with DynaTrac. This universal guidance interface is compatible with all models of tractors equipped with an Rtk (or camera) guidance system. DynaTrac range of interface makes it possible to follow the tractor path with any implement. It allows using standard implements and reaping the benefits of precision farming at every stage of the crop. The benefits of this solution start from an interface coupled with a guidance system (GPS or camera) that allows farms to instantly get ready for precision farming with their current range of implements and the ones to come. The user only needs to understand and set up one kind of interface instead of a specific one for each implement. Also, being compatible with all tractors and all implements, the DynaTrac adds the guidance function to standard implements. It is an economical solution instead of buying an implement-dedicated guidance function on each implement.

Sima Innovation Awards 2019: five silver medals

Airbus Defence and Space and John Deere together with: Live NBalance. For the first time there is a live monitoring of nitrogen balance in the field. This joint project is based on a combination of satellite images and machinery data, which continuously observe nitrogen uptake by the crop in each part of the field.

Bosch France with Field Sensor. An innovative system for live monitoring of vegetation using in-field connected sensors for crop management assistance.

John Deere with Connected Support. All collected information from the machine is accessed more quickly and it is automatically interpreted through a continuous comparison with other related equipment. All the individual machines contribute to enrich a collective database, thus succeeding in detecting a failure before the appearance of the classical symptoms.

Kuhn with Redvista. A mobile application that uses augmented reality technology to help the machine user or the distribution network technician in the recurring maintenance and adjustment tasks. The application helps to optimize the maintenance operations and ensures the longevity of materials and components.

Sodijantes Industrie with Tank Air Wheel. A system that focuses on reducing the often very long filling times, especially of large-volume tires. Essentially, the Tank Air Wheel consists of an annular air storage tank integrated into the rim. Due to the large air volume and the accumulator pressure of 6 bar, the time to increase the tire inflation pressure should be reduced by a factor of ten. Since it is integrated in the rim, it can be used for any type of tire regardless of the manufacturer.

Sima Innovation Awards 2019: twenty bronze medals

Pleasently surprising: 20 bronze medals awarded. Following the alphabetical order of the awarded constructors, the innovations that fill the third place are: Amazone: WindControl. Arbos France: Arbos Blaster. Beiser Environment: Fourrage lib. Berthoud: Berthoud Rent. Case IH: Case IH XPower. Claas: Claas Convio Flex. Claas: Torion Sinus. Climate Fieldview: Climate FieldViewTM. De Sangosse and Cap 2020: Limacapt. Hydrokit: Kit 3e main pour 3e point. Isagri: ‘Fernand l’assistant’. Jourdain: Wide gate with Surlock. Karnott: Karnott. Kverneland Group France: Microgranulateur Kverneland. Manitou Group: Eco Stop. Manitou Group: e-use of telehandlers at end of useful life. New Holland: Dfr Reverser. Rabaud: Lavicole. Trimble: A-100 Asset Tag and Auto Asset Selection App. Trimble: AutoSync.



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