Tech Day 2018. The EU is part of the game

Tech Day 2018 has replied the brilliant event which introduced last year the Cursor 13 NG. Cursor 13 and gas engines are still under the spotlight at the CNH Village, on Friday November 23th, looked ahed. More and more ahed… Three goals in front of the industrial engines scenario: Hydrogen, multi-fuel concept Cursor X and the Cursor 13 NG upgrade. After the presentation of the event, by Annalisa Stupenengo, FPT Industrial brand President, Matej Zakonjšek, head of cabinet of European Commissioner for Transport, introduced the triple zero strategy: the emissions, congestion and accidents. To accomplish this goal the key word has to be ‘innovation’.

Cristian Greco, Director of the Egyptian museum of Turin, has designed during his speech at the Tech Day 2018 what, in our opinion, represents the line of continuity between the study of art and the mission of the engines in the new millennium: “to make the invisible visible“.

Hydrogen: a magic word

The word hydrogen contains the key to understanding the future. FPT presented its electrification division at the IAA in Hannover with a hydrogen powertrain concept. A word that, in the FPT vision, contains six challenges. Performance, efficiency (integration of components), sustainability, autonomy (for example, travelling 800 kilometres with a truck currently requires 64 kilos of hydrogen), recharging time, durability. The powertrain delivers 400 kW and includes the H2 tanks, a fuel cell module, a lithium-ion battery pack, an e-axle and an energy management systems. Talking about the final goal, durability, is evaluated by FPT in 20,000 hours.


Cursor X at Tech Day 2018

The real star of Tech Day 2018 was the Cursor X. For now only a concept, but the way is paved and it could be the right one. Some may be ironic about a ‘Star Truck’ interpretation (joking about Star Trek science fiction television series), but the multi-power, modular and multi-application case could already prove to be the best driver of energy flexibility in the next decades. There are three interchangeable power supply modes envisaged by FPT’s visionary engineering. The Cursor X is based on natural gas internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cell electric generation or on battery-stored energy. No applications ban: LCV&trucks, bus&coach, construction equipment, agricultural machinery.

Last but not least. Cursor 13 NG EVO…

And sometimes they come back” is not just a Stephen King quote. During the Tech Day 2017 all the attention was around to him, the Cursor 13 NG, 338 kW and 2,000 Nm for the most powerful pure natural gas engine available on the market. During the tests the upgrade of Cursor 13 NG  reached a performance of 370 kW and 2,200 Nm at 1,000 revs, improving by 10% the NG baseline engine. The Cursor 13 NG EVO  has a specific cylinder head featuring a era-roof combustion chamber with tumble intake ports, a fuel direct injection system, a variable valve timing system and (at the drum roll…) “sometimes they come back (twice)“, an a high-pressure cooled EGR circuit, which helps reduce throttling losses at partial load.


…and electric powertrain

At Tech Day 2018, FPT showed also E-Axle and the Transfer box. The way to electrification is paved. Waiting for tomorrow…



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