Yanmar 6LF and 6LT Series. There was nothing new, from the Yanmar side, at MetsTrade, at the end of 2019. The first relevant marine international exhibition, the Boot Show in Düsseldorf, was the right location chosen by the Osaka-based manufacturer to introduce a couple of important innovation in its marine engine range.

Yanmar 6LF and 6LT
Yanmar 6LF Series engine

Enabling Yanmar to supply compact, high performance solutions for new markets and a wider customer base, the 485 marine horsepower (mhp) to 640 mhp 6LF and 6LT engines are ideal for leisure boats as well as light duty commercial applications. The two series feature Yanmar’s next generation VC20 vessel control system for enhanced on-board comfort and an easier overall boating experience. The global emission-certified diesel engines also offer leading fuel economy and are compatible with a wide range of fuel types.


A wider range of power with the new Yanmar 6LF and 6LT Series

«With the launch of our new engines, Yanmar’s renowned common rail range now reaches 640 mhp, representing a significant expansion of our line-up from the previous limit of 440 mhp. We are excited to bring the efficiency, performance and low emission benefits of the higher power 6LF and 6LT models, alongside the reassurance of Yanmar’s reputation for high quality, reliability and technological advancements, to more boat owners and commercial operators», said Martijn Oggel, Global Sales Manager of Yanmar Marine International.

The new engines will be available in a few months

«Ideal for semi-planing and planing hulls with inboard propulsion systems, the engines offer compact, light-weight and high-performance powerboat solutions. They are also the first new Yanmar range to incorporate our new VC20 vessel control system. Demonstrating our commitment to leading by technology, this next generation system will feature across our range of common rail engines, playing an essential role in improving the entire on-board experience», added Mr Oggel.

The 6LF and 6LT series are available from the third quarter of 2020.

Yanmar 6LF and 6LT
Yanmar 6LT Series engine


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