Man Energy Solutions will construct a combined heat and power plant in Frankfurt

Man Energy Solutions will deliver a new power plant to Stadtwerke Frankfurt for combined heat and power generation. Five Man 20V35/44G gas engines are going to be the main protagonists behind the operation. The plant will produce 51 MW of electrical energy and also 50 MW district heating. Man will also add a hot water boiler with a capacity of 20 MW to increase the overall thermal capacity of the plant to 70 MW. The plant is going to be ready for the 2021/2022 heating season.

The new gas engine plant is part of a plan to modernize the Am Hohen Feld thermal power station, active since 1997. Up to now, the power plant operated using lignite and natural gas. The new plant will enable the exclusive use of natural gas, which is better for the environment.

MAN Frankfurt

Torsten Röglin, Director of Stadtwerke Frankfurt, said: «By modernizing our power plant site, we are securing environmentally friendly and economically efficient heat and power supply for our region. The new plant reduces CO2 emissions by up to 35,000 tons per year. Operating at a total efficiency of over 90 percent, the power plant makes particularly effective use of its fuel». In total, Stadtwerke Frankfurt is investing almost € 60 million in order to modernize the plant.


Gas looks like the right solution for district heat

The new gas engine plant improves the flexibility of the overall thermal power plant. Thanks to a heat reservoir, the waste heat from the engines can be stored when the demand for heat is low, while electricity production continues as normal. This is also possible thanks to the high reaction speed of Man gas engines, which reach their full output in less than five minutes and can handle quick load changes.


Hajo Hoops, Senior Sales Manager at Man Energy Solutions, explained: «Large gas engines are particularly suitable for generating district heat. When combined with a heat reservoir, this also enables the plant to operate in a market-oriented, flexible way, as electricity and heat generation are separated. Thanks to their high fuel utilization, combined heat and power plants with gas engines are the most efficient solution for safe, environmentally friendly, economically viable electricity and heat supply».

Man PrimeServ will manage the maintenance

The company’s global after-sales brand, Man PrimeServ, will work together with staff from Stadtwerke Frankfurt to perform maintenance work for the plant and the engines.

Michael Filous, Vice President and Head of Service Agreements at Man PrimeServ, said: «We will supply the power plant with spare parts and carry out maintenance work on the engines. Both Stadtwerke Frankfurt and Man are seeking to establish a long-term partnership and we are happy to see that they trully trust us».




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