The web event ‘Biomethane and smart grids. The Eco-CHP’ was held on 15 July as part of the Sustainable Powertrain Tour. We had the opportunity to talk about the new frontiers of sustainability in power generation and combined heat and power with some of the major companies and institutions involved in this sector.

‘Biomethane and smart grids. The Eco-CHP’: speakers and video

The panel was indeed a primary one. As an introductory video footage, Rana Adib, Executive Director at REN 21, explained why it is paramount to give a boost to the use of renewable energy sources, not only in power generation. The actions taken by governments and international institutions have to be more brave and incisive to be really effective on the way to decarbonization.

Alexandra Tudoroiu, Head of Policy at Cogen Europe, explained how and why combined heat and power is a key enabler to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050. The role of CHP in future energy mix was the starting point of the presentation held by Andre Banken, Head of International Business Development at 2G Energy, providing a view on natural gas-based technologies and on the future use of hydrogen as a fuel for CHP plants.

The second OEM, Himoinsa, talked about the efforts made to decarbonize PG plants. Miguel Angel Ruiz, Global Head of Engineering and Development, highlighted the importance of cutting-edge generators fueled by natural gas and biogas for advanced smart and micro-grids.

Last but not least, Thomas W. Smith, North America Gas Segment Manager at Caterpillar, Electric Power Division, provided the point of view of a global primary player whose role doesn’t end with the supply of engines, at all.

The speakers’ presentations

Copies of the presentations, in .pdf format, are available below:

Cogen Europe
2G Energy
Caterpillar, Electric Power Division


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