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[Interact Analysis] Light commercials drive rapid EV growth in China

In this new insight, Yvonne Zhang, Research Associate at Interact Analysis, highlights how the registrations of new energy commercial vehicles in China reached 21,000 units, an increase of 82% compared to May 2022. New energy light duty commercial vehicles are leading the market in China with fuel c...

China leads the ranking of public charging stations

There has been a massive push towards electric vehicles globally in recent years. However, when it comes to setting up the infrastructure for a shift towards the electric-powered automobile industry, China is doing far better than other nations. According to the numbers presented by SafeBettingSites...


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

The XC13 surely sounds agnostic in FPT Industrial’s unofficial nomenclature; it comes, indeed, with a tripartite certification: Euro 6E (winking an eye at the upcoming Euro 7), methane gas and also biofuel, with a link to hydrogen. Andrea Abbà, FPT’s product marketing manager, told us about dialogui...


China has 65% of public EV charging stations worldwide

Easy accessibility to charging stations is one of the essential requirements in the global push toward electric vehicles (EVs). Meanwhile, most of the world is still preparing to build the necessary infrastructure; China has already taken significant strides. According to the numbers presented by St...

GlobalData: EVs to account for more than 33% by 2031

Electric vehicle sales have reached record numbers in recent years, with annual sales projected to increase ten-fold in the next 15 years, especially in China and Europe, due to favorable policies and auto manufacturer commitments, according to GlobalData.

Toyoda, Toyota and doubts about full electric

Toyota and doubts about full electric. «When politicians are out there saying, ‘Let’s get rid of all cars using gasoline,’ do they understand this?» (HERE Toyota fuel cells development program). Toyota and doubts about full electric cars. Mr Toyoda criticized These sentences do not belong to Peter K...

Dellorto and Energica: agreement for EVs of small and medium sizes

Dell’orto agreement with Energica for the development and production of “Power Units” for EVs of small and medium sizes Dell’Orto, manufacturer of electronic fuel injection systems and Energica Motor Company, developer of high-performing electric motorcycle and single manufacturer of the...
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