Q-Marine released the next generation of Q-SPD Surface Drives

Q-Marine International recently anounced a complete redesign of the original Q-SPD Systems incorporating the same construct as the original SD series plus many refinements. In particular in function, form and performance. Q-SPD Surface Drives help to negate the issues that come with trimmable surface drives. So, there is no need to worry about getting the trim right, over loading the engine, or having hydraulics and more components where the chances of something going wrong are greater.

The result of this redesign is a fully integrated propulsion solution with high longevity and that requires the least possible maintenance. Q-SPD’s construction is largely composite, the main housings comes from e-glass and carbon-fibre then it goes through a process of reinforcement in an epoxy matrix, using resin infusion manufacturing techniques.



Twin rudder design is standard for more effective and responsive manoeuvrability and propeller protection. «We are finding that Q-SPD is what the commercial and work boat vessels are choosing to use purely for the reliably and longevity of the Q-SPD System. Also, Q-SPD has proven to endure thousands of hours without significant servicing requirements giving the end user added benefits.» says Leigh Michau, managing director Q-Marine International.


Manufactured using latest technologies in composites and marine-friendly materials means they appear very light weight and strong, giving a wide range of power for recreational and commercial applications. In particular, the QSD New Generation Series works best on vessels typically from 8 meters with power options from 132 kW to 2.647 kW, or vessels up to 100 tonnes or more.

About Q-Marine International

Q-Marine International is based in Auckland, New Zealand and it designs and manufactures Q-SPD Surface Drive Systems for the international pleasure and commercial boat markets. Its managing director, Leigh Michau, first developed Q-SPD Surface Drives in 2001.

Q-Marine International is also importer and distributor of marine power and propulsion products including Brunton’s Propellers, Revolution Power Lithium Batteries and Python-Drive, distributing them to the New Zealand market.



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