FPT Industrial 2.8 liters engine won the Diesel of the year 2020. The Diesel of the year 2020 and FPT Industrial will ‘meet’ for the first time at ConExpo, Las Vegas, during a ceremony addressed to the North American market. The second ceremony, for the benefit of the European market, is scheduled two weeks later in the same place where FPT Industrial was awarded for the very first time. It was the year 2008, at SaMoTer in Verona, and the F32 inaugurated the era of compact engines, acting as a springboard for FPT Industrial in the free market. The company won the Diesel of the year for the second time in 2014, thanks to the Cursor 16.

diesel of the year 2020
The F28, both diesel and natural gas versions, unveiled at Agritechnica 2019


Some technical insights of the new engine

The F28 follows the road of compact engines already taken by the 3.4 and 3.6 liter engines. Designed in compliance with the Stage V and Tier 4 Final standards, the F28 engine features a double after-treatment formula. The DOC is coupled with the DPF for the European market, while a ‘DOC-only’ system is fully compliant with the EPA standard.

Thanks to its 375 Nm maximum torque, the engine reaches the highest rate provided by the competitors. The specific torque is 133.5 Nm.

Among the most relevant features are the integrated EGRs and a low-height axle solution, so to make the engine more compact and simplify its installation on the vehicles. The latter, either on the fields or, sometimes, in construction sites, have to cope with quite a short steering radius. Besides, its ease of maintenance, with the possibility to intervene on only one side of the engine as well as with oil replacement intervals of 600 hours, makes it possible to reduce operational costs.

diesel of the year 2020

The new Diesel of the year is oriented to sustainability

A particularly innovative feature of the 4-cylinder engine, which makes it truly oriented to sustainability, is the eclectic nature of the F28. The diesel unit was unveiled together with its natural gas twin, in search of modularity. According to FPT Industrial: «The interfaces are the same and the gas version is about to be tested on some demos in agriculture. We only have to implement a few functions on the machine, such as the tanks».


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