Scania, Kubota, Toyota, and John Deere in Nanni’s network

Facts and figures from Nanni Diesel

In recent times, the French company Nanni Diesel has been taking big efforts to enlarge its business and revenues. Since 2016, the growth has scored 15%, while since 2015, the business improved by 25%. The business core of this growth strategy relies on OEMs. Customization of the offer is a leading factor. To increase customers loyalty, Nanni provides OEMs with tailored solutions that can meet specific requirements. At the same time, new markets are giving the company a great chance to improve the trades. Exportation is increasing, and it already reached 80% of the total sales. In this terms, Nanni signed new agreements with official importers in China, Poland, Denmark, Germany, UK, UAE, Australia, and Sweden.

Poland and UK

Among these countries, in Poland and in the United Kingdom Nanni has just recently signed agreements with local companies. With Poweras, which is also MAN distributor for marine applications, in Poland. This company is now Nanni’s official importer, which means managing the sales of the complete range of engines and gensets, spare parts, and the after sales for the national market. In the UK Nanni has come to a similar agreement with PME Group. This will be Nanni’s official importer for the United Kingdom for the N5, N6, N9 and N13 engine ranges and the range of gensets. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Nanni is also reinforcing its presence in the States, especially on the East Coast. Here, the collaboration with Hansen, and with Nanni’s official importer for the East Coast, Servie Hugo Stamp, is opening the way of the new market.


Nanni and Scania

The recent choice to team up significantly reinforces the range of products that Nanni can offer. The updated power output reaches the peak of 1,200 hp (about 882,5 kW), which means that the company can now target the segment of boats with dimensions ranging from 50 to 80 feet (from about 15 to 24 meters). Scania will initially supply Nanni with two engines series. The six-cylinder in-line 13-liter and the 16-liter V8. These engines will be called respectively N13 and N16, Platinum series. The Nanni distribution network will be responsible for sales of the engines as a complete product solution (including packaging). The Platinum series engines will comply with the latest emission regulations EPA Tier 3 and RCD2. The agreement with Scania will soon extend to the generators market, for which solutions are being carried through the development phase.


Toyota and John Deere enrich Nanni’s portfolio

Beyond the latest agreement with Scania, Nanni has partnerships with other important engine manufacturers. Powering Nanni’s products range for power boats, with 21 options available (from 10 to 370 horsepower), we find Kubota and Toyota. Concerning this last one, Nanni developed 3 new solutions, launched at Cannes Boat Show back in 2016, for both leisure and commercial vessels.

These have been built upon the same base, the Toyota 8V 370 hp, and have been named T8V.320, T8V.350, and T8V.370 depending on the power output. The 370 hp version represents the most powerful engine of this class. The upper segment features another leading manufacturer, John Deere, which covers the power range between 150 and 760 hp. In Nanni’s product range, JD’s engines are divided into four series, the N5 (from 150 to 230 hp), and three Silver series engines, the N6, N9, and N13 with power outputs from 200 up to 760 hp. Changing perspective, Nanni is also targeting to have hybrid systems ready by 2020. So far, no other information has been provided.

Cannes Boat Show

Nanni will present the N13 (N13.930 CR3), as well as the N4.80 Saildrive SD12, during the Cannes Boat Show, in September 2018. This last engine is based on the N4.80, a 2.4-liter 4 in-line cylinders capable of providing 79 hp. The Dutch shipyard Enkhuizensloep relied on this engine for its brand-new tender, the ENKHUIZEN 744, that the company launched at Hiswa Boat Show.

The Italian market

As for the partnerships within the Italian market, Nanni works with its official importer, Ranieri Tonissi SPA. Together, they provide engines among all the product ranges to a lot of shipyards. The shipyard Fratelli Aprea, for example, relies on Nanni’s engines for its motorboat Sorrento, launched in May 2017, for the Sorrento 750 and 780. Calafuria Pilot and Harbor, built by Vincenzo Catarsi Mare shipyard (one, the Calafuria 8, for the Ancona Pilots division of the port of Ancona, the other, a Calafuria 10, for the Ormeggiatori group of Pozzuoli) have both been launched in June 2018, and have both been equipped with two John Deere-based, Silver series, Nanni engines. Respectively, they rely on two N6.325CR2 (325cv, 2600RPM), and N5.230CR2 (230cv, 2600RPM).

The motorboat Stenella, built by Marintecnica and launched in February 2018, also relies on Nanni’s Silver series engines, as well as the taxi boat used by Lido di Lenno on the Como Lake, or the fishing boat Laura made by Cantieri Navali del Cilento. This, since January 2017, has started working in the waters around Corsica. Instead, concerning the Nanni T8V.370 engine, the shipyard Nautica Esposito launched, in a world premiere during the last Nauticsud Boat Show in Naples, its Positano Open 38, powered by two Nanni T8V.370 engines.


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