MAN is ready with a complete propulsion package for RoPax vessels

A complete MAN propulsion package is ready to leave for China, where Jinling Shipyard is building new 230-metre-long RoPax vessels for TT-Line, the German ferry operator. The request is for four MAN 51/60DF engines as part of a complete package that will include propellers, a fuel-gas-supply system (FGSS), and HyProp ECO.

HyProp ECO is MAN’s system solution that combines a diesel engine with a frequency-converter-driven shaft-alternator/motor and features multiple operational modes. The system combines a bi-directional operating frequency converter for the shaft machine with a CP propeller plant. HyProp ECO is also open for shore connection and the integration of energy-storage batteries.

man propulsion package

An eco-friendly project

The newbuilding comes from TT-Line’s “Green Ship” design, developed in collaboration with OSK-Shiptech, and is scheduled for delivery in 2022. It will enter service within TT-Line’s route network in the Baltic Sea. Operating on LNG, the new vessels will have 50% fewer emissions than TT-Line’s previous generation of vessels. Upon construction, the newbuilding will have the capacity for 800 passengers and over 200 articulated lorries.


Lex Nijsen, Head of Four-Stroke Marine Sales at MAN Energy Solutions, said: «Running on LNG, our propulsion package will enable this vessel to operate on such low emissions that it will become the most environmentally friendly RoPax ferry in the Baltic. Our business, to a great extent, is based on offering systems such as this that help our customers to increase the efficiency of their plants and reduce emissions, while leading the way to a carbon-neutral future».

MAN has the right backup for this operation

MAN Energy Solutions will provide the scope of supply in association with Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA). AKA specialises in power supply, energy management and drive systems for marine and industrial applications. Similarly, MAN Energy Solutions’ fuel-gas specialist, MAN Cryo, will supply the new vessel’s fuel-gas-supply system.

Nijsen added: «This order is the very first MAN dual-fuel, diesel-mechanical propulsion system for a ferry application, which reflects our strategic direction of developing sustainable technologies and solutions – as shown by the contribution of AKA and MAN Cryo. It also fulfills our desire to increasingly become a supplier of complete solutions».



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