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Biogas: TotalEnergies acquires a stake in Ductor

TotalEnergies has acquired a 20% stake in Ductor, a Finland-based start-up that has developed an innovative technology to process high-nitrogen organic waste, such as poultry manure, which is usually difficult to use for biomethane production.

TotalEnergies: news from Germany and France

TotalEnergies announces the start-up of the Deutsche Ostsee LNG import terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) to which the Company is contributing a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) and supplying LNG. And, in France, TotalEnergies has launched the country’s largest anaerobic digest...



Biogas in Italy. What is it about to happen?

The sixth edition of Biogas Italy 2020, scheduled in Milan on March 5 and 6, will provide an overview about the prospects of biogas in Italy. To date, in fact, 86 percent of goods travel by road and transport accounts for about 24 percent of total emissions. In Italy, the fleet is among the oldest [...

Tetra Project: Case biomethane wheel loader

Case Construction Equipment chose Acea Pinerolese as the set for the “Tetra Project” Case Construction Equipment and their wheel loaders gathered in Pinerolo (Italy) to give life to the “Tetra Project”. In particular, the location designed to present the new concept was that ...

FPT, New Holland and Iveco: agreement on biomethane

FPT Industrial, New Holland and Iveco have recently signed an agreement in favor of biomethane The cooperation agreement for the development of biomethane in the transport sector in Italy between Confagricoltura (an Italian famers association), CIB (the Italian biogas consortium), ENI, SNAM and the ...

Rotomix5 ECO and Ecomotive Solutions

Rotomix5 ECO, the first self-propelled mixer wagon powered by biomethane Rotomix5 ECO. After the electric self-propelled mixing machines Supertino Electra 21 and Siloking eTruck, the manufacturer Bravo has presented at Eima 2018 the very first model powered by biomethane. Developed in collaboration ...
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