Kubota 130 years. The Japanese company was founded by Gonshiro Kubota

Kubota 130 years
Kubota stand at Agritechnica 2019


Kubota 130 years. Happy birthday, Kubota! 130 years have passed since its foundation, in Osaka, Honsu Island, Japan. One of the world capitals of the endothermic engine, hosting, besides Kubota, also Yanmar. Kubota celebrated 130 years of history with a big announce in Las Vegas: the V09 family grow up with the S7509, 6 cylinder in-line Diesel engine,  7.5 liter engine, able to provide up to 225 kW.


Let’s read the official note. Kubota’s journey started in 1890, by manufacturing Japan’s first iron pipelines for waterworks. Its founder, Gonshiro Kubota, laid the foundations of a company that is now one of the major players in the industry. Starting off as a foundry, Kubota would soon become a benchmark company in the global agriculture, construction and water-related industries. Over time, the company expanded its business along with its range of services and products. In 1922 it started producing kerosene-driven engines for agro-industrial use, where it achieved significant progress in the field. Later on, in the 1960’s, the company launched its range of tractors for dry-field farming, before beginning work on water supply projects and sewage systems. In 1974, Kubota introduced its own compact mini excavator, making ground breaking work easier for all. By 1998, Kubota had extended its agricultural machinery business further as part of its internationalisation strategy and had also established a manufacturing and sales operation in China. The world today faces various serious issues. Kubota constantly accepts the challenge to sustain the future of our society and today represents one of the leading machinery manufacturers, becoming a reference for companies across the globe. Its product offering covers multiple areas such as farming, construction, and also water supply systems.

Kubota is leader in AG machinery and industrial engines as well

The Japanese company is also the world´s leading manufacturer of compact diesel and gasoline engines for industrial, agricultural, construction and generator applications. Aside from this, Kubota’s technological solutions applied to farm work, such as the Autonomous Tractor and the Kubota Bi-speed system, have significantly improved and simplified the work of operators worldwide. Moreover, Kubota is highly committed to the protection of the environment and helping to address global water and food scarcity issues. Its engines, lawn mowers and compact construction equipment, precision equipment and materials contribute to urban maintenance. On top of this, Kubota employs its technologies, expertise and acquired knowledge to develop and commercialise products manufactured in Japan’s globally renowned water infrastructure industry with the aim of protecting the Earth’s limited resources and deliver clean, safe water to everyone around the world.


Kubota 130 years
The awarding ceremony of Diesel of the year 2019 at Bauma Munich

Mr. Yuichi Kitao, President and Representative Director of Kubota Corporation recently highlighted the core values of the company as a tribute to its founder: «On the occasion of our 130th anniversary, it would be amiss of us to not remind ourselves of our founding principles and that ‘there will be no growth without innovation’ ». Special mention was made to the two main values of Kubota philosophy today: “One Kubota and On Your Side.” According to Mr. Kitao: «‘One Kubota’, is the core belief that every member of the company is essential to our group, and to be ‘On Your Side,’ means that each and every employee must reconsider what we do each day, ensure we are incorporating the needs of the market into all our products and services, and look at it through the eyes or perspective of the customer.» 



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