Key Energy. Power generation and co-generation, for some there is much more to it than just the prefix ‘co’. As for DIESEL’s editorial staff, however, affinities far outweigh differences. The case of the synergy between FPT Industrial, Riello Ups and Sices (here’s our post about the Dpe, Distributed Power Europe) shows it, as well as the Swedish experiments on HVO and synthetic diesels, from both Götebörg and Södertalje (we talked about it some time ago with ENI experts).


Key Energy, the home of power generation

Key Energy
Natural gas or LPG engine for cogeneration, CANJ1939 engine from PSI


What did Key Energy, which practically incorporated the PG pavilion, offer? CMD, in Loncin orbit, exhibited the Eco20X, which produces syngas from anaerobic fermentation of woody masses (e.g. forest or cereal processing waste) that feed 4.3 litres of GM origin. Capable of 20 kilowatts of electricity and 40 kilowatts of thermal energy, with three kilos of wood chips it produces the same energy as one litre of petrol. Compact machine, it integrates the systems, including the feed hopper. Heat recovery comes from both wood and engine combustion. The machine can work in parallel, so much so that one installation foresees as many as ten.


E-control, natural gas, biogas…

Rama Motori presented the heavy-duty range from PSI, also belonging to another Chinese giant, Weichai, which since April 1stofficially holds control of 51 percent of the American shareholding. The 4.5 and 6.7 liters, 45 and 66 kilowatts, complete with E-Control system and connected via canbus. Tedom, taking part in the exhibition with a separate booth and showing a full cogeneration unit, supplies Rama with engines for the repowering of Schnell units, both dual fuel and biogas, equipped with a Scania Dc12 engine.

Key Energy
Scania OC16 engine, working with both natural gas and biogas


Speaking of Scania, the truck stand featured the OC16, launched at the Mee in Dubai, working with both natural gas and biogas. Electrical management and gas pressure regulator, in prime power it delivers up to 455 kVA. Speaking of MAN, ETS insisted on repowering and the E3262, with 12 cylinders and 550 kilowatts.


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