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BYD BD11 launched: a new double decker EV bus for the UK market

BYD has raised the curtain on a new EV double decker bus model customized for the UK market. The model, named BYD BD11, features Blade Battery modules integrated in the chassis (as the B12 presented at Busworld 2023). The bus, specially tailored for London, is set to enter service later this year.

Cummins: first natural gas engine produced in Darlington plant 

Cummins Darlington Engine Plant has celebrated the production of its first L9N engine, the first natural gas engine produced at the UK plant in its 58-year history. The 8.9 litre can operate on compressed or liquified natural gas as well as renewable natural gas, which significantly reduces well-to-...



Nuvera and engines 2.0: between hydrogen and fuel cells

At this year’s F-cell+HFC event in Canada, Nuvera held a seminar that highlighted the use of fuel cells for port operations management. The role played by hydrogen and fuel cells in the transformation of the transport sector has been one of the main topics at several international meetings in ...

Buses: diesel or alternatives? For now, diesel wins

For long-distance buses, the evolution towards less polluting forms of traction calls into question a series of perspectives that are still not defined and with a timing not particularly close. Until beyond 2030, there is no possibility of replacing diesel on long-distance roads. That’s what t...

China cuts subsidies, city ebus market decreases

Below, a contribution from Interact Analysis, a market research firm focused on intelligent automation, with a specific department for truck, bus and off-highway electrification in China. Interact Analysis recently wrote about the following topic: “New Chinese Subsidy Policy Results in 130,000...

Volvo Penta brings electricity into the water with a ferry

Volvo Penta-powered electric ferry service gets into the ElectriCity transport ecosystem Starting from the Gothenburg’s ElectriCity project, an all-electric ferry service will join the City’s existing electric bus service. The electric marine propulsion system is provided by Volvo Penta, who joins t...

Fpt Industrial. Between axles and transmissions

Fpt Industrial also deals with axles and transmissions for trucks and buses It all started with the joint venture between Iveco and Rockwell that coincides with the beginning of the Iveco axles history. We are talking about the glorious seventies and we will have to wait until 1991 to see the birth ...

Solaris and the lightweight hybrid

The lightweight hybrid is 12 meters and less than 9 tonnes Here it is. The lightweight hybrid bus from Solaris, with an empty weight of less than 9 tonnes and 12 meters long. Its weight with passengers is around 15 tonnes. Urbino and Trollino change their look. Solaris has presented at the Czechbus ...
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