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BYD BD11 launched: a new double decker EV bus for the UK market

BYD has raised the curtain on a new EV double decker bus model customized for the UK market. The model, named BYD BD11, features Blade Battery modules integrated in the chassis (as the B12 presented at Busworld 2023). The bus, specially tailored for London, is set to enter service later this year.

Cummins: first natural gas engine produced in Darlington plant 

Cummins Darlington Engine Plant has celebrated the production of its first L9N engine, the first natural gas engine produced at the UK plant in its 58-year history. The 8.9 litre can operate on compressed or liquified natural gas as well as renewable natural gas, which significantly reduces well-to-...



Acea: 68.8% of new buses are diesel-powered in 2021

According to Acea, overall in 2021, 68.8% of all new buses registered in the European Union ran on diesel. Electrically-chargeable buses posted strong growth, resulting in their market share increasing from 6.1% in 2020 to 10.6% last year.

Red Dot Award for the Torsus Praetorian off-road bus

The Torsus Praetorian off-road bus has been awarded a Red Dot Award in the Product Design 2020 category, for its outstanding design quality. The Torsus Praetorian is the world’s first heavy duty 4×4 off-road bus. Designed to transport personnel and equipment safely across the world’s harshest e...

A growing trend for electric bus market in Europe

In 2019, the European electric bus market set a new record tripling the figures of 2018. Nearly 12 per cent of city buses registered in 2019 were battery-electric. But things are going to get even deeper, very soon: Interact Analysis forecasts that «approximately 40% of new city buses registered in ...

ZF at Busworld: solutions for smart mobility

Smart mobility: from e-bikes to articulated buses, ZF is committed.   The German company supports the switch to low-emission, safe, and smart public transport with a diverse range of electric drives for all vehicle segments, plus sensors and control boxes for autonomous transport systems. As pa...

Cummins at Busworld Europe with its battery system

Cummins decided to reveal its Next Generation Battery Electric System, including its new low-profile battery, for the first time at the Busworld Europe 2019, as a demonstration of the advances that the company is making in powertrain technology for the European bus market. The event will take place ...

ABB and ASSURED: charging infrastructures standardization

ABB is part of ASSURED consortium, that has developed a new strategy that will bring public transport market another step forward in the standardization of ebus charging infrastructure. Next steps are occurring since the last quarter of 2019. The four-year project, funded by the European Union under...
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