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The third India Diesel Powertrain Summit in June 2020

The third India Diesel Powertrain Summit 2020 is scheduled on June 17-18 in Chennai, India. The event will be dedicated to providing the next 5-10 years of policy direction and supporting localized technological innovation as well as exploiting the market opportunities in India and other South Asian...

Cummins 4-cylinder engines for AG applications

Two Cummins new 4-cylinder engines launched at Agritechnica. It was no longer than two years ago when Cummins introduced the 6-cylinder B6.7 Performance Series structural engines at the previous edition of Agritechnica, back in 2017. A ‘MAN’ IN RED? CUMMINS AND MAN ES At this year’s edit...



GUSS, the first autonomous orchard sprayer

GUSS, the Global Unmanned Spray System by Crinklaw Farm Services Californian manufacturer Crinklaw Farm Services has developed an unmanned vehicle for spraying orchards. The rocket-like Global Unmanned Spray System (GUSS) uses a combination of GPS, vehicle sensors and clever software to allow one op...

Diesel of the year 2019. Kubota V5009

The Kubota V5009 is the Diesel of the year 2019 The story of the Kubota V5009 starts from afar. For the general public the first milestone was in Las Vegas, March 7, 2017. In the Nevada desert Kubota is “guilty” of a double heresy: the 5 liters shuffles the cards by raising the bar of […]

Transpotec Verona 2019. Romeo&Juliet by truck

Transpotec 2019. Trucks technology under the Alps arch Transpotec 2019, exhibitors in Verona grow by a quarter compared to the previous edition. The 406 companies mentioned live the paradox of having endless grasslands to ride and having to proceed with the handbrake pulled. In fact, Italy holds the...

BorgWarner’s Egr solution to reduce NOx emissions

BorgWarner’s Egr system follows evolving emission standards BorgWarner’s Egr shows up as an all-in-one system with an integrated module that can resist high termal loads for increased efficiency and durability. In times of increasingly stringent emissions regulations, adaptation through ...

EGR and MAN, a New Step Forward

New EGR Technology by MAN EGR strikes back. In accordance with the principles of the German school (thermal balance and TCO reduction, by the restraint of consumption of AdBlue), MAN takes a step forward in terms of ERG in the OEM context. MAN Energy Solutions has launched its new EGR (Exhaust Gas R...

Alfa Laval fights Sox and NOx

PureSOx Connect brings customers further compliance security Alfa Laval tames the ‘bad’ chemistry upgrading the devices against oxidation. In a nutshell, scrubber vs sulphur and Egr vs nitrogen.  PureSOx is the leading scrubber solution for meeting SOx emissions limits, including the 202...
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