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China leads the ranking of public charging stations

There has been a massive push towards electric vehicles globally in recent years. However, when it comes to setting up the infrastructure for a shift towards the electric-powered automobile industry, China is doing far better than other nations. According to the numbers presented by SafeBettingSites...



Global chemical sector: an in-depth analysis (Part I)

Here and in the following weeks we publish an in-depth analysis of the global chemical sector, written by Joseph Chang, Global Editor, ICIS Chemical Business. We think it’s a very interesting contribution, in an era featured by the coronavirus outbreak as well as a significant fall of oil prices. &n...

The third India Diesel Powertrain Summit in June 2020

The third India Diesel Powertrain Summit 2020 is scheduled on June 17-18 in Chennai, India. The event will be dedicated to providing the next 5-10 years of policy direction and supporting localized technological innovation as well as exploiting the market opportunities in India and other South Asian...

New cooperation for Liebherr: Shanghai Diesel

Shanghai Diesel Engine, a subsidiary of the Chinese vehicles and components manufacturer SAIC Motor, and Liebherr Components have entered an agreement for the development of new high-performance off-highway engines. Liebherr components for Shanghai Diesel 6KTAA25-G3 series As part of this agreement,...

FederUnacoma and the global figures of the tractor market

After registering a global growth in 2017 (2,153,500 units) the tractor market appeared really differentiated in 2018 from country to country, due to the different trends of the economy and agriculture in particular. The United States, driven by GDP growth and the good performance of the cereal prod...

Rolls-Royce strengthens its relationships with Chinese partners

This summer Rolls-Royce decided to focus, among all the other activities we already discussed here on Diesel International, also on strengthening its relationships with its Chinese partners. In this specific case we are talking about partners such as XCMG and Yuchai Machinery. A new strategic cooper...

6th industrial site in China for UFI Filters

Ufi inaugurated its 6th industrial site in China, in the Italo-Chinese Chongqing Industrial Park on the Silk Road Ufi Filters recently inaugurated its 17th industrial site in the world, the 6th in China, in the Italo-Chinese Chongqing Industrial Park, in the south-west of China. This new opening fol...

BorgWarner now has an onboard battery charger (OBC)

BorgWarner recently introduces its Onboard Battery Charger (OBC), making its family of technologies for plug-in hybrid and pure-electric vehicles even larger. This technology uses new silicon carbide technology and focuses on power density, power conversion efficiency and safety compliance. Ready to...

Wastx Oil for the reuse of mineral oil waste

Wastx Oil aims at bringing a fresh point of view in the consumption of oil. In particular, around 80 million barrels of crude oil are consumed every day around the globe. About half (45%) of this goes to transportation and logistics. This brings also to the creation of large quantities of waste oil ...
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