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Acea: 68.8% of new buses are diesel-powered in 2021

According to Acea, overall in 2021, 68.8% of all new buses registered in the European Union ran on diesel. Electrically-chargeable buses posted strong growth, resulting in their market share increasing from 6.1% in 2020 to 10.6% last year.


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

The XC13 surely sounds agnostic in FPT Industrial’s unofficial nomenclature; it comes, indeed, with a tripartite certification: Euro 6E (winking an eye at the upcoming Euro 7), methane gas and also biofuel, with a link to hydrogen. Andrea Abbà, FPT’s product marketing manager, told us about dialogui...


MTU’s 3rd Power Generation Symposium

MTU’s summer update on Power Generation During this hot summer, some refreshing news on power generation came in from Friedrichshafen. The main topic is one of the most discussed right now, i.e. energy solutions, and the protagonist behind it is, of course, MTU. But let’s proceed with order. At the ...

Duramax 3.0 L from General Motors and FEV

Duramax 3.0 L, the new diesel engine for heavy applications Through the new Duramax 3.0 L, General Motors (GM) in collaboration with the FEV decided to develop a diesel engine for heavy applications (light-duty pickups and trucks) that can easily comply with demanding emission limits. Given the purp...

Nuvera and engines 2.0: between hydrogen and fuel cells

At this year’s F-cell+HFC event in Canada, Nuvera held a seminar that highlighted the use of fuel cells for port operations management. The role played by hydrogen and fuel cells in the transformation of the transport sector has been one of the main topics at several international meetings in ...

Diesel-generator 16V170C2Me by Isotta Fraschini

Gianluca Piscopo is the development manager of Isotta Fraschini. We met him in Bari (Italy), at the headquarters, on the occasion of the presentation of the 16V170C2Me diesel-generator for the Italian Navy PPAs (Pattugliatori Polivalenti di Altura), in the presence of Admiral Bisceglia, the Presiden...

Buses: diesel or alternatives? For now, diesel wins

For long-distance buses, the evolution towards less polluting forms of traction calls into question a series of perspectives that are still not defined and with a timing not particularly close. Until beyond 2030, there is no possibility of replacing diesel on long-distance roads. That’s what t...

Eni and biodiesel: Venice is working hard

We have already discussed in a previous post how diesel is solidly part of Eni’s family and how it is appreciated not only in its fossil forms. In particular, using the words of Giuseppe Ricci, Chief Refining & Marketing Officer, we can now continue exploring the relationship that exists b...

Mario Pagliaro, electric and diesel for bus&coach applications

Mario Pagliaro and storage Mario Pagliaro and full electric. A ‘heretical’ point of view with respect to the dogma of Diesel International and recent studies that have highlighted the lower impact on CO2 of the production chain of the diesel cycle compared to that of the electric. The co...

The state of biodiesel? Eni’s point of view

At Eni it is normal to hear about diesel, not just in its fossil forms. We asked Giuseppe Ricci, Chief Refining & Marketing Officer in how many variations it is possible to imagine the diesel cycle, starting from the reconversion of the Gela (Italy) refinery and much more. Below you can read the...

Mild Hybrid: the secret weapon of the Koreans

Mild Hybrid: diesel is still at the top in Italy The Mild Hybrid seems to be the next chice. Listening to the automotive world, diesel engines seems to be already in the past and the real future is in the electric. Then, however, if you take a look at the sales statistics of March 2019 […]

Yanmar is working on industrial gas-powered engines

Yanmar is developing and improving its gas-powered industrial engines Yanmar has developed gas-powered industrial engines that utilize LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) and meet both U.S. EPA Tier2, CARB Tier4 and EU Stage V emissions regulations. Adding the two clean burning and quiet industrial engine mo...
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