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Deutz honors three winners with the Greenfield Award

Deutz announced the winners of the first “Deutz Greenfield Award” at the renowned congress #neuland in Aachen. The award, which is aimed at students and young researchers, honours outstanding academic work on sustainable powertrain solutions in the off-highway sector.



Scania and the “old school” Miller cycle solution

Scania Dc 16 and the Miller cycle Large engines with relatively low power outputs may have problems with after-treatment. This happens because the motor pumps too much air in proportion to the excess heat it generates. Scania engineers have solved this problem in a simple and elegant way with the Sc...

Deutz is out from the Deutz Dalian joint venture

After Deutz Dalian new strategies for the Chinese market Deutz is changing the game on the global chessboard, reorganizing its presence in China. As the Chinese engine market represents the largest one in the world, the recent strategic choice can be fundamental to future opportunities. The executiv...

Interviewing Mr. Frank Hiller, DEUTZ’s CEO

Innovation at DEUTZ, in the words of CEO Frank Hiller Mr. Hiller, “Diesel of the Year” recognizes one of the biggest features for a new engine: innovation. May you explain to our audience what does it mean innovation for Deutz? «Innovation is one of our key assets and has always been part of the DEU...

Formula SAE Italy. Oerlikon Graziano in the jury

Oerlikon Graziano, and Formula SAE Italy Formula SAE Italy is a renowned and international student design competition organized by ANFIA. It attracts the departments of engineering of universities from around the world. This year the fifteenth edition took place between the 11th and the 15th of July...

Anthony van der Ley is Cema’s new president

Anthony van der Ley is Cema’s president. He took the place of a man who is very familiar to the frequenters of the Tractor of the year. This is Richard Markwell, and the transition is indicative of a strategic turn towards digitization and 4.0. In fact, the passage of charge occurred from the ...

Federal-Mogul at IAA Hannover

CrushShield 2448 and IROX 2 at IAA Hannover Within two months the IAA in Hannover will take place (September 19-27). Federal-Mogul presented two new products that it will launch at the event. The company designed both of them primarily for heavy-duty applications, but versions for light vehicles are...

Kubota. Global strategies and the European market

“Kubota, to become GMB”. The words of Kubota’s CEO explained by Tony Tonegawa About a year ago, when he had already spent the same time at the top of the European motor division, Tony Tonegawa illustrated some of the key steps in Kubota’s strategy to increase turnover. One of...

Anthony van der Ley, CEMA and worldwide tractors market

Anthony Van der Ley is the new CEMA President Anthony Van der Ley is the president of CEMA, the trade association representing the producers of agricultural machinery in Europe. The change of the very well known face to the visitors of the Tractor of the year award, that one of Richard Markwell, is ...

New website for the Kawasaki Engines European Division

Kawasaki Engines European Division’s range is now online Kawasaki Engines European Division has a new website for engine sales and support. The trading area includes Europe, parts of the Middle East and Africa. Kawasaki designed the new website to support OEM customers, distributors, dealers a...
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