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Deutz honors three winners with the Greenfield Award

Deutz announced the winners of the first “Deutz Greenfield Award” at the renowned congress #neuland in Aachen. The award, which is aimed at students and young researchers, honours outstanding academic work on sustainable powertrain solutions in the off-highway sector.



JCB Stage V, a complete package

JCB Stage V, the recipe Finally, JCB revealed its strategy to meet upcoming Stage V regulations. The deadlines for the introduction of Stage V are basically two. The first is January 1, 2019, when the new standards will start being applied to engines below 56 and above 130 kilowatts. The second term...

Hirose Electric. Bryan Cullis is the new president of the EMEA area

Bryan Cullis’ 10 years experience to reinforce the presence in the Emea area Bryan Cullis is the new president of the Emea area division of Hirose Electric. This choice is part of Hirose Electric’s global policy aimed at strengthening management in its areas of expertise. Concerning Euro...

BKT at Tire Cologne in two words? Plexiglass giants

BKT at Tire Cologne. The Indian offhighway tyres giant showed itself up at the German event in a theatrical setting. Speaking of giants, BKT at Tire Cologne filled the stand of 500 square meters with two ‘entities’ that have not gone unnoticed: a dumper of about 65 quintals, for the firs...

David Graziosi is Allison Transmission’s new CEO

David Graziosi becomes CEO after 10 years in Allison Transmission From the first of June 2018, the 51-year-old David Graziosi is the new CEO of Allison Transmission. His career began as a tax auditor. For this reason, Graziosi has gained extensive experience in multinational manufacturing companies....

John Deere Ferry in US

John Deere Ferry. Yes, Deer sounds familiar to Ferry Boats. In the US, Deere’s engines power ferry boats and passenger ships from one coast to another, from one Ocean to another. Let’s start with the Golden State, let’s start with the Pacific Ocean. John Deere Ferry and Admiral Hor...

Snam and BHGE. Agreement for the production of LNG and bio-LNG

Snam and BHGE, working together with micro-liquefaction Snam and BHGE (Baker Hughes, a GE company) have recently signed an agreement for new plants for micro-liquefaction of LNG and bio-LNG in Italy. Under the aegis of sustainable mobility, on the 28th of May, the two companies reached an agreement ...

Kubota V1505 and WG1903

Kubota V1505 Kubota V1505, 1.5 liters in 4 cylinders. Another interpretation of the concept of super-compact. Because at Intermat, Kubota did not limit itself to flaunting the 09 series, i.e. the 5-liter and the just introduced 4.3. They also displayed their segmentation strategies. Tony Tonegawa, V...

John Deere 13.6L and Stage V

John Deere 13.6L, the Deere at the top John Deere 13.6L. The American company unveiled its latest top displacement engine to the audience of the earthmoving sector, in Las Vegas. Then it was time for Europe when J. D. showcased the 13.6L at Intermat, in Paris. It represents a big step forward in the...

Eberspächer… boom!

Eberspächer and 2017, a sweet relationship, with almost 4.5 billion euros in sales. One of the drivers of this winning year? Aftertreatment systems. Eberspächer looks attractive Managing Partner Martin Peters says: «We have been able to win new customers and introduce new products to these markets s...

Peter Kelly Senecal and the internal combustion comeback

Alive and kicking, says Senecal Dieselgate left many wondering about the idea that the era of diesel engines, and of internal combustion in general, could be close to an end. Newspapers, car companies, and even local and national administrations took part in the campaign against internal combustion ...
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